Experience Omaha Creative Institute

Embrace Your Creativity

Omaha Creative Institute strengthens the creative fabric of Omaha by offering hands-on workshops for the general public, by providing local artists the resources needed to enrich their careers, and by inspiring engagement between artists and the community to produce shared artistic experiences. Our mission is to build the http://www.felipemotta.com/canadian-levitra audience for the arts in the Metro community and to united healthcare viagra try it provide resources, emphasizing financial sustainability, to artists. 

Upcoming Events

09/10/2015 - Patron Party,
Private Residence, Omaha, NE

09/12/2015 - Charcoal Drawing with Courtney Kenny Porto,
Omaha Creative Institute, Omaha, NE

09/26/2015 - Nature Photography with Alicia Armentrout,
Fontenelle Forest, Bellevue, NE