"B is for BIKES!" Our First Omaha Creative Grant Project!

Last year for Omaha Gives!, we set out to create an individual artist grant by giving 1/2 our donations collected that day to an Omaha artist to fund a public art project. Paige Reitz and Vimbayi Kaziboni of The New Philharmonic received the $5,000 grant for their project "B is for BIKES!" the Midwest Premiere of composer Mauricio Kagel's 111 bicyclists-led symphony.

Watch the performance >>

Well, we're doing it again! This Omaha Gives! (May 24th, 2017) we will be giving 1/2 the money donated to OCI back to the community in the form of an artist grant, up to $5,000. We believe Omaha is a place where artists can see their creative ideas come to life! We are working hard to create these kinds of opportunities here in the Omaha Metro, so the entire community can benefit from the vision of our most talented local artists.

Visit www.omahagives.org/oci to schedule your donation today! And please consider Omaha Creative Institute on May 24th! Supporting OCI means supporting Omaha artists.