Omaha Creative Institute's
Creative Artist Grant

OCI is committed to providing grant opportunities to local artists. These opportunities are a chance to fund bigger projects not usually available to working artists. OCI is looking for standalone projects that can be fully funded by these $5,000 grant opportunities. 


Applications are now closed. Winner(s) will be announced soon!



Any artist or collaboration of artists maintaining a residence within 100 miles of Omaha.  All artistic media are welcome, but there must be an element of the project that is open to the public, can be viewed by the public, or is accessible to the public.

It's important to OCI that the project funded by this grant is accessible to the public in however you best see fit. While traditional public art is certainly eligible, we are not limiting that to murals, sculptures, concerts, plays, etc. Use the broadest possible definition of "public art" as possible. We just want as many people as possible to experience this project.

Projects that are connected to or in partnership with other institutions will not be considered. These grants are designated only for individual artists, not organizations, institutions, or their programs.  If you have any questions, please email

Before proposing, ask yourself these questions:

  • How much of this money is going to another organization? 
  • Is this project possible without this grant? 
  • How many people are going to interact with this project? Ten? Dozens? Hundreds?
  • Am I being compensated fairly for this project? 



Samples of your current work:

  • Visual artists: Please provide up to 4 images of your work. (JPG files only, minimum of 1920 pixels on the longest side and 5.0MB maximum)   
  • Writers: Please provide up to 3 writing samples. 
  • Musicians: Please provide up to 2 audio examples of your work. (WAV or MP3. 10MB max)
  • Performing Arts/Video: Please provide up to 2 video examples of your work. 

Artist’s Proposal:

Provide a brief artist statement related to the work samples provided. In addition, concretely describe what you plan to create using this grant and how the work will be accessible to the public. 

Budget Worksheet:

It is compatible with Excel and Google Sheets. You will need to upload it on your application. If you are unable to download the worksheet, there is a text box option on the application.

Jury Process:

A panel of local arts professionals and community members will review the applications and select the award winner by late-July 2017.

If selected, artists must complete a contract with OCI. Artists will receive half of the grant upon selection and are required to account for all funds spent by June, 2018, in a final report.  Artists must provide at the time of contract execution a W-9 and completed and signed contract document.