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At Omaha Creative Institute, we believe that the artistic possibilities, sense of accomplishment, and joy that come from creative expression should be available for everyone to experience. Originally formed as an initiative of the Hot Shops Art Center, Omaha Creative Institute has blossomed into a collaborative entity that strives to provide leadership, opportunities, and tools to help members of the community embrace their creative impulses and accomplish the unexpected.

We are passionate about providing a variety of ways for the Omaha community to experience art, awaken their inner creative spirits, and unleash possibilities they may never have known existed. Our workshops offer a creative outlet for participants to explore their full potential, with no experience necessary. It is a fantastic opportunity for everyone to discover his or her inner artist, entrepreneur, or creative thinker.

As a mission-based, nonprofit arts organization, Omaha Creative Institute is entirely dependent on the on-going support of the Omaha community. Twenty percent of our revenue comes from workshop fees and events, and the rest of our funding comes from partnerships, grants, and the generosity of individual donors. A donation to the Omaha Creative Institute goes directly toward our operational expenses.

Creative thinking is vital in our world, so please donate to OCI today, enroll in one of our Come Create It workshops, or arrange for a customized experience for your workplace team. Your support gives Omaha Creative Institute funding to develop other inspiring programming and initiatives in the greater Omaha area and to support local artists in their professional endeavors. Thank you for your consideration and for stopping by to learn about Omaha Creative Institute. Now, come create something with us!

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2013-2014 Sponsors

Without donations and support from our partners we could not exist. We would like to thank our wonderful supporters for championing our mission and fostering creativity and art in the Omaha community.

Alegent Creighton Health, Carol Gendler, Douglas County Commissioners Sherwood Foundation, Robert Daugherty Foundation,Todd & Betiana Simon Foundation, Jim Creigh & Maria Claire Markusen, Laura & Michael Alley, Alfred Thomsen, Annette & Paul Smith, Mutual of Omaha,  Nebraska Arts Council, Dutch & Jill Van Denburg, Humanities Nebraska, Bud & Rebecca Shaw, Dean & Jesse Rasmussen, L.B. "Red" & Jann Thomas, Wing Chan & Angelina Li, Dorothy Tuma, Steve & Susan Thomas Hutchinson, Cynthia & Bill Buettner, David & Denise Levy, Rick & Theresa Mourey, Meredith Fuller & Jon Luyten, Mike Kelly, Hannah & Ali Mirmiran, Mary & Gary Day, Laura Vranes & John Mcintyre, Bob Benzel & Gerard Sullivan, David & Laura Wilwerding, Drs. David Crotzer & Rebecca McCrery, George & Judy Haecker, Greta Vaught & John Ritland, Jess & Matt Moore, Linda & David Gardels, Mike & Jill Bydalek, Sue & Tom Weidner, Susan Smoler, Tim & Linda Daugherty, Tom & Mary Kerr, Larry Roots, Andy Holland, Ann Pape, David Steadman & Sara McClure, Jim Suttle, John Rogers, Les & Madalyn Bruning, Mary Zicafoose, Shelly Bartek, Susan Wise, Bill & Stacia Hoover, Dr. Debra Ann Reilly & Bob Culver, Howard & Gloria Kaslow, Jay & Kim Noddle, Judith Vann, Mark Lane & Jennifer Buescher, Mr. & Mrs. Carl Eskridge, Ryan Miller, Steven Jensen, Jack Heidel & Sharon Conlon, Bill Lydiatt, Drew & Elisa Davies, Ellie Batt, Frank & Lois Norris, Gordon & Joanna Kissel, Jeanie & Dick Sturgeon, Jill Slupe, Katie & Justin Kemerling, Kay Lynn & John Goldner, Peter & Tabitha Barley, Robert & Abigail Devin, Ryan (Lew) & Amanda Shaw, Susan Ramsey, Sydney Lynch & Craig Roper, Vicki Allely, Ruth Keene, Eunice Deneberg, Cindy &amp Craig Ellis, Cynthia Frazier & Shahab Abdessalam, Dan Kilma, Judith Schweikart, Mary Haworth, Mary Talen Hawbaker, Mindy Cotney, Pam Stene, Robert Jordan, Scott McCollister, Maureen Waldron, Deborah Deneberg, Ann Tesar, Anne Severes, Danielle Martin, Denise Pratt, Heather Thomas, Jack & Nancy Round, Jaime Hackbart, Juliana & Rusty Reno, Karen Verdirame, Leslie Kuhnel, Marilyn Erickson, Nancy Hawekotte, Nancy Morris, Sara Cerasoli, Sarah Backhaus, Sharon Latham, Zara Risoldi

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Get Involved

We offer several creative volunteering opportunities including:

  • Community events
  • Annual Patron Party
  • Come Create It Workshops

Contact us to request information about our current volunteer opportunities.

Participating Artists

We would like to give special thanks to our participating artists:

Lori Elliott-Bartle, Bob Bosco, Robert Cook, Marcia Joffe-Bouska, Alicia Reyes McNamara, Eric Luchian, Teen Alternative Art Camp, Paula Wallace, Bill Hoover, Lisa Schlotfeld, Resonance Concert Choir, Mark Gutierrez, Elmo Diaz, Kathy Diaz, Ying Zhu, Natalie Linstrom, Ann Pape, Madalyn Bruning, Beth Heimann, Maranda Allbritten, Dori Settles, Nancy Lepo, Tom Kerr, Rachel Mindrup, Jim Boston, Jim Snyder, Mary Carrick