OCI is teaming up with PJ Morgan Real Estate to bring public art to the Little Bohemia neighborhood on South 13th Street. The Little Bohemia neighborhood will soon be be home to Boho Rice, Archetype Coffee’s second location and several other new restaurants and shops.

The development team is committed to making public art a unique aspect and attraction to the area. The artwork will be unveiled and celebrated at an upcoming annual alleyway festival. The alleyway festival will include a private dinner for sponsors and a public event hosted by PJ Morgan Real Estate and area businesses.

Applications are now closed. Winner(s) will be announced soon!

This Little Bohemia Public Art Grant is for $10,000* to bring art to the alleyway off 13th and William St. This alleyway will connect the main parking lot to the rest of the area shops. The green house pictured will be a restaurant with an outdoor patio in the grassy area. The white shed wall has mural potential (surrounding fence will be removed), and there is plenty of space for sculptural, environmental, and visual artworks. You can propose projects at $2,500, $5,000, $7,500, and $10,000 levels. Installation must be completed by October 2017. 


Specifications: Mural wall is 60'W x 13'H with a slight 1.5' slope east to west. The fence in front of the wall will be removed. Green house walls are off-limits. Grassy area behind the house will be a restaurant patio, not off-limits but keep this in mind for your proposal.

Applications open May 26th- June 30th at 5:00 pm.

Below are pictures of each of the 14 spots in which work may be installed. Be sure to list the Lot Number on your application. If you are interested in a spot not pictured below, please email Andrew@omahacreativeinstitute.org to clarify.


*This grant is being funded by Sponsors obtained by the development team at PJ Morgan Real Estate. Grant recipients will be jury-selected by members of PJ Morgan Real Estate, OCI, and outside members of the arts community. This $10,000 grant may go to one artist or be split among 2-4 artists, depending on project proposals received.