artist-run exhibitions

How Does It Work?
OCI’s Artist-Run Exhibitions Program emphasizes professional development by assisting Omaha area artists throughout the entire process of organizing, marketing, and mounting a curated exhibition.

Artist-curators develop a curatorial concept, schedule studio visits with other artists, identify potential venues for the exhibition, and create press releases and marketing materials to promote their show. OCI is there each step of the way to lend support and advice that enables exhibitions to take shape outside the context of larger institutional systems.

Through our Artist-Run Exhibitions Program, OCI aims to:

  • encourage artists to make their own opportunities through self-organizing
  • cultivate stronger peer communities and
  • connect emerging artists to wider audiences and patrons.

public programs

Artist-curators also program at least one public event in conjunction with their exhibition. Public Programs might include, screenings, live performances, readings, lectures, workshops, or skill sharing sessions, just to name a few. By attaching public programming to each exhibition, artist-curators: 

  • reactivate their exhibition
  • foster critical dialogue
  • and contribute to making Omaha’s cultural landscape more vibrant.

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Past Artist-Run Exhibitions

With the support of the Nebraska Arts council and the Nebraska Cultural Endowment and Douglas County.