CSArt Omaha

Community Supported Art is a model of artistic production and distribution that supports artists in the creation of new work and helps them establish relationships with local collectors and patrons. Modeled after the concept of community supported agriculture, the structure is
simple — collectors buy a share of art at the beginning of the season that is made up of original works by local artists. Over the course of the season, collectors can meet participating artists and other shareholders at meet and greet events before receiving their art works at a final pick-up event. You can learn how community supported art got started with Springboard for the Arts.


check out the profiles of the 2018 csartists here.


Keep scrolling for more details. Any questions? Contact us at info@omahacreativeinstitute.org


There are two levels available to shareholders: Patron and Collector. Both levels get you tickets to all Meet the Artists events, as well as the final Harvest pick up event for yourself and one guest.

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Patron: Patron shares are $350 for 10 works of art by jury selected artists. Think of it as a "taste" of work from 10 local artists. These works will be multiples, as each artist will be creating up to 50 editioned pieces. All work is carefully selected and made specifically for CSArt Omaha Shareholders. There are 50 shares at the $350 Patron level. 

Collector: Collector shares are $1,000 for 5 works of art by various artists. These works will be larger, unique art works, with each artist creating up to 10. All work is carefully selected and made specifically for CSArt Omaha Shareholders. There are 10 shares at the $1,000 Collector level.

Artists for both levels will be announced in January, with a curated exhibition, featuring each artist's existing work. You will be able to meet the artists and see their work before you buy a share for either level. The work will be created after you buy a share, and will be new work. Similar to buying a CSA from a farm, there is an element of surprise as to what shows up in your crate at the end of 5 months.

All works are created specifically for CSArt Omaha, and all are original, although some may be serialized, signed, and numbered limited editions. Dimensions and media of the works vary, and may include two and three-dimensional objects, tickets to live performances, or participatory experiences.

Shareholder dollars go directly to supporting artist stipends and the administration of the program.

All sales of CSA memberships are final. No refunds or exchanges will be granted.


Applications for the 2018 season will open in late Fall 2017.

All mediums are welcome to apply, as well as artist collaborations. You are applying to create new work for CSArt Omaha. You will have approximately 5 months to complete this work. Chosen artists are announced in January.

Patron: 10 artists will be selected for the Patron level. The stipend is $1,500 to create 50 works. This works out to about $30 wholesale per piece. We are looking for exciting work that can be created in multiples.

Collector: 5 artists will be selected for the Collector level. The stipend is $1,500 to create 10 works. This works out to about $150 wholesale per piece. We are looking for cutting edge work that will stand on it's own as 10 original pieces.

These levels are not about better artists or work, more the format of the work. We are looking for exceptional artists at both levels! If your art lends itself to work in multiples, apply for the Patron level. If your work stands better as larger, original pieces, apply for the Collector level. You are allowed to apply for both, but please use different project proposals for each.

Selected artists also
receive the benefits of:

    1. meeting new patrons and collectors
    2. connecting with other local artists
    3. marketing their work
    4. gaining publicity throughout the community

    Throughout the spring while art is being made, OCI will host Meet the Artists events that bring shareholders, program sponsors, and artists together to cultivate long-term relationships.

    More details:

    • Artists working in all types of media and at all levels of experience are invited to apply. Collaborations welcome!
    • Performing artists, musicians, dancers, writers, and other non-visual artists are encouraged to apply. 
    • New this year, artists may submit proposals for participatory or experiential work. This could include tickets to a private performance, art walk, lesson, group painting session, etc.
    • All artists maintaining a residence in the Omaha Metro are eligible to apply.
    • A jury will select a diverse group of artists based on their artistic excellence, diversity of media, and ability to execute the number of works required.
    • You may apply for both levels, but please use 2 different project proposals (not the same project for both). You will need to pay the application fee for each. You can only be chosen for one level for each CSArt cycle.
    • If you have been a CSArtist before, apply again! We have no rule against being in the program more than once! However, previous participation is no guarantee of acceptance into the current CSArt season.
    • By applying, you agree to submit one existing piece to the CSArt Preview Show held in February 2018.

    More information about CSArt here.

    Questions? Email peter@omahacreativeinstitute.org

    This program is sponsored in part by:

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