Did you know OCI offers Fiscal Sponsorships?

As part of OCI’s continued commitment to providing Omaha area artists with the tools they need to take projects from conceptualization to completion, we are happy to offer fiscal sponsorship.  As a fiscal sponsor, we give you, the artist, increased access to funding and enhanced fundraising capabilities.

What is Fiscal Sponsorship?

In most cases, independent artists lack the 501(c)(3) tax status that makes them eligible to apply for certain grants and incentivizes donors to give.  Through OCI’s Fiscal Sponsorship Program, we are able to extend our 501(c)(3) status to artists working on exceptional projects that require substantial funding.  Donors who wish to give to these projects are consequently able to claim charitable tax deductions on their individual contributions.  

Because donations to fiscally sponsored projects are tax deductible, proposed projects must provide some benefit to the public as opposed to benefiting the artist only.  That means a built-in component of the proposed project could include an exhibition, public screening, performance, lecture series, or discussion panel, to name just a few examples of ways in which a project might benefit the public by enhancing the public sphere.

Who Can Apply?

Any individual artist, collaborative duo, or artist collective currently working on a project with public benefit and interested in generating additional support through self-directed fundraising is eligible to apply. While OCI is more than happy to offer our support by becoming a fiscal sponsor, we cannot do the fundraising for you.

Before applying, please consider carefully the stage of development your project has reached.  Are you at a point where fundraising is possible?  Having already moved past the conceptualization phase into execution, even if it’s still far from completion, will give potential funders a more tangible idea of the nature of the work for which you are soliciting support.  

OCI is not able to fiscally sponsor commercial projects that are designed primarily to make money, projects that re-grant funds generated through fiscal sponsorship, or projects without a substantial artistic component.

What to Include in Your Application:

Work Sample:

Your work sample can include past and / or current projects that illustrate your ability to successfully manage a project from inception to completion.

  • Visual artists: Please provide up to 10 images of your work. (JPG files only, minimum of 1920 pixels on the longest side and 5.0MB maximum).   

  • Writers: Please provide up to 3 writing samples (2000 words max).

  • Musicians: Please provide up to 2 audio examples of your work (WAV or MP3. 10MB max).

  • Performing Arts/Video: Please provide up to 2 video examples of your work (MOV or MP4 3:00 minute max).

When labeling your files, please use the following format: Lastname_Firstname_01; Doe_Jane_01.jpg, (for example).

Works Cited Page:

Please upload a one page document that lists the title, medium, dimensions, and an optional description (two sentence max) for each file included in your work sample.  Please make sure to  list works in the same order that they appear in your work sample.

Project Description (500 word max):
Please talk about the scope of your project, the public benefit it provides, intended audience, promotional plans, and the project’s overall goal.  Please also include a timeline in your description. Although you may remain fiscally sponsored until your project’s completion, we need to be certain you have a plan to actively fundraise and work toward fully realizing your goals.

Please create a budget that details expenses and any income already generated, in addition to income you hope to generate through fundraising campaigns. Include your completed budget, saved as an Excel document or Google Sheet, in your application packet.

Fundraising Strategy (200 word max):
In your fundraising strategy, please identify individuals and organizations you plan to approach to ask for support and whether or not you plan to use crowdsourced funding.  What percentage of your overall budget do you hope to raise through each of these channels and what will you need to present to potential donors when asking for contributions?

Artist CV / Resume:
Please upload a professional artist CV or resume that outlines your education, past public projects (if any), exhibition, publication, or performance history and any special appointments or notable awards you have received.  If you’re submitting an application as an artist duo or collective, please submit a CV reflective of that.

What Happens After You Submit Your Application?

Please allow 4 - 6 weeks for OCI to review your application and assess your proposal.  If accepted, sponsored artists will sign a non-negotiable contract that yields a flat fee of 10% on all contributed funds raised for the project to cover OCI’s administrative fees.  Afterwards, you’ll be up and running and on your way to securing the funds that will help see your project through to completion.  Please email Andrew@omahacreativeinstitute.org with questions or to schedule an  application review before submitting.