Omaha Creative Institute provides Omaha Metro artists with the training and opportunities they need to build sustainable careers in the arts. 

We do this by:

  • Providing professional development
  • Awarding grants to artists
  • Connecting artists and patrons
  • Advocating for the success of the artist community


Omaha is recognized across the country as a destination for artists and creatives of all disciplines. Artists in the Omaha Metro are valued for their contributions and have the capacity to forge their own path toward a sustainable career.

what we value

  • Inclusivity - We provide services and opportunities to artists of all disciplines, identities, and levels of experience. While the nature of some opportunities (like grants) are limited to few, we believe in a transparent application and selection process, encouraging everyone to learn and grow from that opportunity.

  • Innovation - We seek to inspire the production of compelling work and encourage artists to push the boundaries of their practice in new and unexpected directions, and to never feel complacent. We encourage the same progress in the arts community as a whole.
  • Continuing Education - We are never done learning, and that is something we make clear through all of our professional development opportunities. Everyone, regardless of where they are in their career or life journey has something to learn and something to teach others.
  • Community - We all achieve more when we work together. We are one small part of a wider arts community and a physical one, Little Bohemia. We are committed to investing time and energy into both, and working with artists, community members, and partners to lift each other up.
  • Support Local - We believe that supporting local artists is a vital part of retaining Omaha’s creative talent and attracting even more to our community. There are plenty of different ways to lend your support: buying work by local artists, going to exhibition openings and performances, volunteering your time, or donating to local arts nonprofits.
  • Sustainability - We help artists of all disciplines, whether they’re already established or just getting started, develop long-term solutions for sustaining an active and productive creative practice.
  • Peanut Butter Pretzels & La Croix - We like to keep things focused but informal. For us, hospitality, fun vibes, and good snacks are a mainstay.
  • Progress - We champion a stronger Omaha by advocating for cultural appreciation and arts recognition within the community, organizations, and the sector. We encourage strategic partnerships between Omaha’s community organizations and artists to support the success of the arts sector, in order to build stronger communities.